August 2006

Wow… what a great idea! The British Council for Culture and Tourism is planting a forest in the city of Kirkham in order to provide woods for crafts and bio-fuels. The trees, which will be harvested every five to six years, and will provide wood for local craftspeople. The trees will also help fight climate […]

Just a quick update to let you know about a cool site I stumbled upon. It’s called the Fabric Origami Workshop, and it shows you how to do some VERY interesting boxes using fabric. For crafters, this may be a very unique way of packaging your products (if they are small), and would even make […]

I found a really great article by a crafting family from Maine who endured their first craft show. It talks a lot about what crafters who are aspiring to start a crafting business can expect from their first craft show. I found it to be a good read and very informative. Check it out! Happy […]

I came across this movie trailer for a documentary about people making a living on the craft show circuit – basically travelling around and selling their crafts. This is one option for people who want to make a living with their crafting, and can be a very exciting way to live (especially if you don’t […]

A Fitchburg, MA woman is using her crafting skills not only for a growing crafting business, but to help a local Fitchburg man who was injured in a car crash. And her choice of crafts – turning men’s brief underwear into halter tops for women. You can find more on the story at the Fitchburg […]

I recently ran across this article in the Miami Herald about one crafter’s experience with another vendor at a small church-sponsored craft show. Basically, she purchased an item from another vendor at the show, who then cashed her check and did not deliver the item. There are some great customer service tips you should take […]

An Online Craft Fair

by Jennifer

I’m just writing a quick post before I head out to golf… I just stumbled onto an online craft fair that will allow you to sell you crafts in an online environment designed to invoke the wide-ranging array of products available at a crafts fair. Called, this new site offers very reasonable pricing for […]