Bead Design, An Enjoyable Pastime Or Business?

by Jennifer

by K Snow
If you are the creative type who loves working with arts and crafts and are interested in making some money while doing something you enjoy, then you should consider taking up bead designing as a career. Not only can beads be used to design jewelry for classy formal parties and beach wear but they can also be used for designs on apparel and shoes. This increases the scope and possibility of developing further.

To start with, you could buy your first set of beads from a craft store round the corner. The good thing is that beads are relatively inexpensive as a raw material. Even though the choice might seem endless to start with, you may soon start to feel the need for more elaborate and up-to-date materials. Since the craft store does not specialize in beads, it has many other items to store in its inventory; there will be a limited amount of bead materials available.

You next stop in the search of more and better bead materials could be the online bead stores. These websites provide a plethora of options for the beads specialist and it will definitely be some time till you need to look for other options.

If you are looking at making bead designs for a considerable amount of time and not planning to give it up as a fad, then you should build and maintain a relationship with the online store since you will need to do a lot of shopping from there. Remember to check the store's reputation before parting with any money; do a quick search online to see how others have been served by them.

Once you have figured the trick of sourcing the beads and your raw material parcel has arrived, you can now let your imagination flow and create designs for various items that can be adorned with beads. Skirt tops, long skirts, jewelry, head gear, handkerchiefs, spectacle chains and the list goes on. Unleash your creativity and discover that you can produce delicate designs to go well with a business dinner or bold designs using large, colorful beads for a beach party. Once you get comfortable with the bead options that are available, you may want to mix and match your designs with other related material like shells, buttons and the like.

The designs done, you can use the wonderful medium called the Internet to sell the designs you have created to other apparel manufacturers and even to end consumers.

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