Craft Fairs

If you want to succeed in today’s over saturated business environment, you need to have a story for your craft business.

Why? Because people are completely overwhelmed by the amount of information they process on a day-to-day basis. With hundreds of television channels, regular and satellite radio, and not to mention the Internet, today’s buying public is exposed to hundreds – if not thousands – of marketing messages each and every day. It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the crowd, and most businesses are becoming part of a generic landscape with very little distinguishing them from the next provider in their market. You can barely distinguish one pizza place from the next, one gas station from the next, one plumber from the next.

Which businesses stand out from the crowd? It’s the businesses that have an easily identifiable story that resonates with their market. A story that defines what the business is about, and what customers and potential customers can expect in every dealing they have with your business. And, a story that your customers will tell others, passing your story along and championing your cause.


Craft business owners live for the seasonal craft fairs and trade shows that allow them to showcase their goods during the holiday buying season. But if you decide to exhibit at one of these events – and why wouldn’t you? – remember that the craft fair or craft show will be packed with men and […]


Jill Smith, of Carlisle, Pennsylvania, turns old “junk” – broken watches, jewelry, silverware, old buttons, and more – into wearable art that she sells at craft shows and some local gift shops and antique stores. And, she is a great inspiration for those of you who are wondering whether or not you have what it […]


Lisa Lam, of, has a great article on the Craft::Boom site about some quick and easy holiday items you can make and sell this holiday season. Basically, Lisa has a list of items that should do well over the holiday shopping season. You can get more detail by visiting the article, but here’s her […]


I found this short craft business article on the Asbury Park Press website. In the article, a couple of crafters discuss the need for some business skills if you are going to be successful on the craft fair circuit. There’s also some encouraging words about the amount of business done at many of these craft […]


I’m REALLY Bummed

by Jennifer

I’m in San Diego, CA for a seminar, and I’m truly bummed out. There’s a huge craft show here in San Diego (the Harvest Festival Arts & Crafts Show), and the local newspaper is running a contest for a $300 shopping spree at the show. But, the show isn’t until October 27 – 29, so […]


I’m getting ready to take my son to his Pop Warner football game this morning, but I ran across this story in the Yavapai County Daily Courier about a local craft fair. This story gives you some idea around the mindset of attending craft fairs, and some of the costs associated with the better craft […]