Craft Marketing

A recent story on the CBS2 Chicago web site details how two local women are spearheading an effort to support the families of people who are stationed overseas. Called “Operation Comfort,” the group makes blankets to show the families of soldiers that people here in the states care. The full story can be found at […]

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Do you live near Seattle, WA? If so, there’s an opportunity to take the Business of Crafts Workshop, a comprehensive 2-day workshop that comes to Seattle on March 16th and 17th of 2007. This workshop, taught by an artist and a gallery owner, is designed for artists and craftspeople new to selling their work or […]


A Fitchburg, MA woman is using her crafting skills not only for a growing crafting business, but to help a local Fitchburg man who was injured in a car crash. And her choice of crafts – turning men’s brief underwear into halter tops for women. You can find more on the story at the Fitchburg […]