Retail Crafts

Craft business owners live for the seasonal craft fairs and trade shows that allow them to showcase their goods during the holiday buying season. But if you decide to exhibit at one of these events – and why wouldn’t you? – remember that the craft fair or craft show will be packed with men and […]


I found this very interesting article in The Courier News (a Chicago area paper) about a woman who is offering custom-made body and bath products – shampoos, lotions, shower gels, etc. – out of a retail outlet in St. Charles. The interesting thing is that the owner, Dina Marie Tenuto, started out selling her handcrafted […]


I found an interesting story in the Pottstown, PA newspaper, The Mercury. The story is about a couple who have had a wholesale craft business for a while, and have finally fulfilled a dream and opened a retail craft store to highlight their crafts. From the story, you can see some of the most common […]

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