Cold Process Soapmaking

by Jennifer

SoapmakingOver the past few weeks, I've become obsessed with making soap. There are just so many creative things you can do with soaps – from the design, to the colors, to the shapes, and the scents – that soapmaking seems like such a great craft to get involved in. And, I can tell you that handmade soaps are a VERY hot item at any craft fair. They are extremely marketable – beautiful, fun, inexpensive (but you can get a good profit), and they appeal to all the senses (especially smell).

I found a great general article on Wikipedia about soap. There's a lot of good information, and some links for further study. It's definitely worth checking out if you're interested in soapmaking.

And, since I've been doing my research, I've discovered a soapmaking guru who I'm going to be interviewing in a couple of days (as soon as we can figure out the best time). I'm not going to be doing the teleseminar thing again… I don't think we're going to be able to coordinate our schedules and make a time that a lot of other people will enjoy (looks like either early in the morning or very late at night is the quickest way for us to talk). But that means we'll be able to record our Q&A session and have it up on the web so you can listen at your leisure.

Watch your email for a notification about the soapmaking Q&A. Should be some time early next week, but if you have some questions about soapmaking, then use the Contact Form to send it in to me. I'll be talking with my soapmaking guru some time this weekend, so I should have the Q&A up next week.

Happy Crafting!


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