Great Soapmaking Resources

by Jennifer

SoapmakingOK… I might be overdoing it with the soapmaking information, but I just got off the phone with a guy who has a great soapmaking resource that I've been reviewing. I'm about half way through it, and so far the information has been excellent. And, he's the guy I'll be interviewing some time this weekend or on Monday evening. I'll keep you posted when the interview is available (for free of course).

But first, I wanted to share some soapmaking resources with you. Since I've been researching the Internet for soapmaking information, I figured I might as well let you benefit from my research. So here's my top 5 soapmaking sites offering free information:

So, if you're interested in soapmaking, this is a great list of sites to start with. And, I'm working on my soapmaking buddy to see if we can get a deal on his product. Like I said, I think it's great, and would love to see it in the hands of some of the craft business list. I think soapmaking is a great craft business idea, or an addition to an existing craft business.

Happy Crafting!


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