Interview with Craft Business Pro

by Jennifer

I just ran across this great interview of Amanda Soule at Craft::Boom, part of the network of sites. In the interview, the Craft::Boom folks talk to Amanda about how she got into a craft business, how she sells her products, and about her new book, “The Creative Family.”

The interview does a great job of conveying how a lot of crafters sort of “fall into” their craft business. Amanda loved making things, and after she had covered all of her family and friends in her creations, she started thinking about selling her crafts.

The interview also mentions how she uses as her online craft shop, allowing her to sell her crafts to an audience as wide as the Internet from her home in Portland, Maine.

Take a few minutes to read the interview, and then check out some of the other information on Craft::Boom – there's some great stuff there for any budding craft business person.

Happy Crafting!


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