Time Management for an Art or Craft Business

by Jennifer

Time ManagementTime Management – it can be such an ugly phrase for any craft business owner. You got into crafting because of the creativity, and for many of us, time management is a shackle. Don't tell me when to do something, or how long the creative process is going to take! “It is what it is,” to quote Bill Belichick (the coach of the New England Patriots – my favorite team if you didn't know by now).

But, if you want to have a real craft business, and not just a hobby that will earn you enough to keep yourself in craft supplies, you need to start thinking about time management. And that's what today's post is about.

I found this article on the American Chronical website – Time Management For An Art Or Craft Business. The article offers some basic tips for time management for when you start your craft business, as well when you move to a more full-time model. It's a short read, but worth the quick trip.

Happy Crafting!


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